Design and Implementation of a Remote Control with 15 Parallel Channels for Tube Bundle Puller Machine (2014)

The Tube bundle puller or Tube bundle extractor is a machine that can extract the bundles from the housing tubes of heat exchangers and can re-insert it in refineries. Without it, the extracting process would be very difficult due to the bundle's weight.
The machine needs to be controlled by an operator, the controlling mechanism has to be without any errors and it must be very responsive.
We designed the remote control and the electrical control panel of the machine.
The remote had 15 parallel channels and it was wireless. The receiver was inside the control panel and due to the sensitivity of the process, we combined the receiver board with a PLC that controlled the output actuators.
The remote control system was our work and all the mechanical designs and production had been done in Kousha Metal Industries company.
We used a microcontroller as the main controller of the remote. The remote was just send the commands from inputs to the receiver. We use the RFM12 module both in master board and slave board.
The project had been done in 2 weeks with a lot of hurry :-D