Welcome to My Personal Website!
...I'm Hossein Pouresmaeeli...

In this website, I’m going to introduce the projects that I worked on so far
For more information, you can download my resume as a
pdf file.
A license Plate Recognition System which is implemented on Jetson Nano
In this project I built a license plate recognition system and implemented it on an Nvidia Jetson Nano.
I used 3 different neural network for detection, and read the characters on a license plate and get more than 17 FPS.
This AI-based app, let the users classify the sounds near them. This can help indistinct people by notifying them that something is happening around them, or it can help people who want to use their headphones but are not sure what’s going on around them. It is based on YAMNet pre-trained network and deployed on Android.
This approach is for the recognition of 3D files and is based on simplicity to be easily implemented for robotics or virtual/augmented reality devices.
I used ModelNet10 dataset and achieved 84% of accuracy in the tests.
A Simple Zoning-Based Method For 3D Object Recognition(2022-November)
In this casual mathematical game, you have to choose a correct path with correct operations and answers through a lot of possible paths which have incorrect ones in just 2 minutes. In designing, first I built about 1500 different paths with MATLAB as answers for different levels, and then brought them into the Unity game engine, then the script fills the paths with random operations and answers, and makes sure that there is a path with the correct answers.
This game is super hard. I designed the levels in this game using MATLAB. There are 150 levels in this game sorted by their difficulty.
also designed the 3D models in this game using Autodesk Inventor software.
This is the first game I developed in the Unity game engine.
All of the codes are written in C#.